Mid Century Modern Rug dilemma

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Mid Century Modern Rug dilemma

Hello there! Welcome to Mid Century Modern Gal. Today I am going to share a few Mid Century Modern Punchy Pigments you can add to your current decorating style. Mid Century Modern is still very much on-trend, despite what the experts say. Today of course they are adding fancier names such as Mid Century Boho for one.

I’m not a designer by any means, but I do not believe in following trends, nor watching HGTV designers these days. I do like Love it or List it, that’s my favorite. I’m pretty over the whole farmhouse, white chippy, ship-lapped walls, and overdone collections of everything under the sun. As I am getting older I am definitely minimizing my style without compromising the warmth and punch of color.

Don’t be afraid to play with vibrant colors and graphic patterns.

I’m in the market for a new rug and thought it would be fun if you helped me out. I had purchased a cheapo one to start and now since living here a while I am ready to commit to something more colorful. Here are a few I have found so far that I think will work.

I am probably going to move this rug under the dining room, or perhaps in our bedroom. I am not sure if I am too keen on a rug under the dining room. This area is adjoined and not that large. I don’t dig rugs all over in the same space. But maybe that’s a thing that I just don’t follow the “trends”

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We love color, texture and mixing and matching. The green swivel chairs are the focal point of the room when you enter.

I am leaning toward the triangle one with green or the retro collection. What are your thoughts? I think I am getting more confused by the minute HA!

I often change out the pillows and throw blankets per season because, well I can:)! I design my own in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today. I would love your feedback and hope to see you back again. You can also follow me on Facebook HERE, and take a gander over at my Etsy Shop HERE.

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I started this website a while back. My intentions started out sharing all things menopause-related and the changes I have gone through. Honestly, it depressed me writing about it or even thinking too much about the topic. I decided to tap into my creativity was the best medicine and therapy I needed for now:)

Mid Century Modern Rug Dilemma

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