Mid Century Modern Furniture and Accessories

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Mid Century Modern Furniture and Accessories

Hello there. Today I thought I would put together a nifty little shopping guide of all things Mid Century furniture and accessories I love. Some, I even have. The ease of shopping on Amazon has made the process less hassle. If you don’t like it, simply ship it back, most of the time for free.

I also have my own shop on Etsy where I create pillows, bedding, blankets, curtains, shower curtains, and more. You can head on over to my Mid Century Modern Gal Etsy Shop HERE.

I enjoy reading the reviews and browsing through photos to get an idea of how it looks in a room, and what others’ thoughts are. Of course, you are always the best judge of any purchase you make online once you receive it. You can’t always go by others’ opinions. If you read my recent post on my Mid Century Modern rug dilemma HERE you will see I am not a huge fan of HGTV and their current lineup of design experts. Personally, I like most of the people, but I don’t care for their very vanilla taste. In fact, a lot of the final reveals start to look the same to me.

We don’t want the same. Your home should always reflect you and your own personality. You don’t have to be a matchy matchy type, or add ship lap, a cow picture, and even most often a bunch of signs with sayings. I mean how many times do we have to see welcome to our farmhouse?

Remember if you can’t find original these days, you can always opt for a look-a-like without the price. Often times mixing old with new tricks one to believe it is all original. It’s not easy these days finding the real deals.

Enjoy my compilation of Mid Century Modern Furniture and Accessories.

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So now that I have a few awesome choices for you to get started on almost any room, enjoy shopping and browsing. I would love to see your place all put together. You can follow me HERE on Facebook, and also gander on over to my Mid Century Modern Etsy shop for more awesome accessories. You won’t be disappointed.


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