Tips On Sleeping Better During Menopause

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Tips On Sleeping Better During Menopause

Sleep disturbances during menopause is a common thread I hear over and over again from women my age. I don’t know about you, but I am a very crabby bitch when I don’t get enough sleep. There are often times it has gotten so bad that I start developing anxiety thinking about bedtime. Between the hot flashes, the tossing and turning, and not being able to shut down my mind is horrible. Not to mention the following day I have a complete foggy brain. At one point I started sleeping in the guest room so I wouldn’t disturb my husband’s good night rest. He has to get up early in the morning for work and I felt my tossing, turning, even thrashing were disturbing him. He did ask me to come back and said he would deal with it. He missed me in bed next to him, and it didn’t feel right.

Tips On Sleeping Better During Menopause
Tips On Sleeping Better During Menopause

So what causes these sleep disturbances?

Our HORMONES of course! Our decline of estrogen has most all to do with it. Then it seems if and when we finally do fall asleep, suddenly at 3:00 am we awaken either having to go to the bathroom, in a hot sweat or simply startled over nothing. It’s a bad feeling and I can relate to you sisters! A lot of women turn to sleep aids because they simply can’t take it. I have not gone that route, but will on occasion take half of Xanax when I really have to get some shut-eye. I am not necessarily recommending that because they can be addicting, and then our bodies rely on them and have to have them. I save it for a once in a while remedy. I have found Melatonin to work often. It can give you some strange dreams though.

Tips on sleeping better during menopause

Keep a small portable fan near your side of the bed. I have found this to be a lifesaver. If you read my hot flashes post here, I suggest that. Be sure to have a comfy pillow and a light blanket. You will notice your body fluctuates from hot to cold.

Shut down all devices and Television about an hour before bed. I at one point would go to sleep with my phone, scrolling through Facebook and found I was getting overstimulated.

Perhaps look into HRT treatments and see if they are right for you. Many women have had great success. I am avoiding any type of hormone therapy as with them and of course, any medications come side effects.

Avoid that afternoon nap! I know that is a tough one because by the time 3:00 pm rolls around I am so sleepy I could cry. But even taking that little nap would make me feel even worse when I got up. I felt groggy, and then naturally when it came to bedtime, I had even more trouble falling asleep at a decent hour. Take a walk, or start doing some housework to fight that feeling of wanting to nap.

Develop a bedtime routine that you can stick to. Perhaps a nice bubble bath, comfy pj’s, and a spritz of lavender on the pillow. I now have an essential oil infuser in our room and it really does relax me and help shut down my mind in a calming way. I was experiencing the world ending and tragedy of sorts night after night. As I said, I became fearful and anxious over bedtime.

Some say to avoid alcohol as it may in fact do the opposite. On occasion, I have found just one glass of wine may relax me, but it wasn’t a habit I wanted to give in to either. I try to avoid anything that potentially can turn into a BAD habit and not good for us. Also, I found red wine to be the worst and in fact gave me heart palpitations.

It goes without saying a healthy diet, enriched in fiber, vegetables and protein are all part of a healthy lifestyle whether menopausal or not. It is true, they will make you feel better and have better overall health. Also try incorporating fish oil and daily probiotic. I actually take a gummie version of that because I hate those horse pills otherwise. I will link down below a few of my favorite things that I have found helpful, natural and better for my good night sleep.

I am not 100% better, but in comparison to even 6 months ago, things are looking brighter. I look brighter too because of a better night sleep.

Tips On Sleeping Better During Menopause

Tips on how to get a good night rest during our menopause years

Here are some of my suggested bedtime remedies I recommend.

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