Why do we get anxiety during menopause?

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Why do we get anxiety during menopause?

This is a touchy subject because there are a lot of factors and contributors that relate to our stress levels during menopause.

My anxiety started about 4 years prior to actually being in full menopause. It was slow, trickle that I felt coming on. My breaking point was when my Mom got pneumonia and was very ill. She lives in the north, while I am in the South. Without hesitation I flew up there to be by her side. Thankfully, she made it through in spite of being on life support not once, but twice during her hospital stay in CCU. Thank God for the wonderful medical team that helped save her life.

If we are blessed to still have our parents at our age, our elder parents are going to have medical issues. It’s the season of life, and it’s too bad the timing just SUCKS!

Upon my return back home I went and made an appointment for my yearly physical. Also at that time our older son was going off to college.

Add that to my anxiety. Everything around me was changing and I found it hard to cope. My Doctor put me on Effexor. Looking back, I am not so sure I would have started that medicine. Although, it did help get me through a rough patch. With any medication, come side effects. Mine most was weight gain. After a few years, the medicine was not effective for me anymore and I decided to discontinue under Doctors protocol for weening off. YOU never want to stop abruptly those types of medicines. Thankfully I was on a low dose and the withdrawal symptoms only lasted a few days. It wasn’t easy though I tell you.

It was a very turbulent time.

Why do women experience anxiety, perhaps depression, and even start getting panic attacks?

Fluctuations of Estrogen and Progesterone, of course, are big culprits. Some women are more prone to anxiety, especially if you had children and suffered postpartum, in my case, I did with our second child. It took years to rear it’s ugly head back into my life. I never had suicidal thoughts and in fact the opposite. I was petrified to die. I still am, and that is something I struggle with the thought of.

Take NOTE: If you have suicidal thoughts, negative feelings for longer than two weeks, conflict, trouble concentrating, panic attacks, please I urge you to consult with your Practitioner. Counseling and medication may be what you need if only for a short time.

Hormone Therapy is also an option and many women seem to have improved in their overall well being. Again, there are risks and side effects to taking any medication.

What have I done to improve and help my anxiety since going off medication? I have taken up more hobbies than I can keep up with. Crafting, cooking, walks, and now writing another blog!

Get a hobby, friends! Whether it be crafting, walking, biking, running, cooking, hitting the gym, painting, photography, gardening, or even starting a new puzzle. Basically anything is better than nothing. Grab a coloring book for adults. It’s amazing how an inexpensive hobby can be a game-changer.

Why do women get anxiety during menopause? Simple hobbies to start today to relieve symptoms.

It seems when we have too much time to think, it becomes an issue. It is easy to work your own self up in a hot minute. It truly may be a hot one if on top of everything else you are suffering from HOT flashes.

If you have a good friend or two, make frequent lunch or talk times. Even if you don’t feel in the mood. Often I do not but still make myself do it because I know it recharges me and makes me feel better to get out, or to simply get out these feelings. More than likely they feel it too. I know too often we hear eat a balanced diet with fruits and veggies. Not only is this obviously better for us, but all those vitamins and nutrients also help our bodies and minds.

Personally speaking, if I eat fried or fast foods I feel like complete shit for the day. If I eat apples, bananas, or be sure to have my greens with dinner, I feel so much better. Funny how that works:)

Just know you are not in this alone. The struggles are real. They can affect our marriages, friendships, and our jobs. Take a hold of it, know you can do it, and don’t beat yourself up. The day no matter how good or bad always comes to an end. I’m rooting for you. I will drop a few of my favorite little no-brainer hobbies you may enjoy starting today.

As you can see there are many factors that can contribute to why we get anxiety during menopause.

Why do we get anxiety during menopause?

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Why do women get anxiety during menopause?

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