What can you do for hot flashes during menopause?

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What can you do for hot flashes during menopause?

This girl here is on fire! Today I want to talk about what we can do for hot flashes during menopause. I have to admit it has been one of the most uncomfortable symptoms experienced. In a blink of an eye I go from comfortable body temperature, to a blazing inferno. Although, it may only last a few seconds, those few seconds are dreadful. I almost get a little panicky while these hot flashes are happening.

What can you do for hot flashes during menopause?

It feels bad! This symptom has been going on for about 3 years now. Although, I am starting to feel a taper.

What causes Hot flashes?

The ever-changing hormone levels, including estrogen and progesterone, affecting the body’s temperature control, in turn, causes the feelings of sudden warmth, flushing, and excessive sweating. It can be embarrassing if you are out and about and all of a sudden have sweat dripping from your forehead or the end of your nose, in my case that has happened.

The length of time in which these hot flashes last while in perimenopause and menopause vary from woman to woman. I have heard some it lasts for up to eleven years. GOD help us!

Some things to avoid:


Spicy foods

Cigarette smoking and second hand smoke

Tight clothing



As you can see some of those things to avoid, can be difficult to avoid.

The evenings can be most difficult when we are trying to finally get some rest. I say finally because I haven’t even touched on insomnia issues yet:(

Things we can do to be more comfortable at night

Put a fan near your side of the bed. This has helped me tremendously. Of course, my husband is chilly at times and he just uses an extra blanket. I felt bad for a long time and actually started to sleep in the guest bedroom. My hubby didn’t like that and asked for me to come back and he would suck it up and just layer with an extra blanket. It’s worked out just fine now.

Always stay hydrated and have ice water nearby. I have a cup filled with me at all times. This help cool to cool you down faster.

What can you do for hot flashes during menopause?

Some nights I have gone to bed with an ice pack eye mask on. I always pray I fall asleep before the coolness wears off. It helps and it has also helped some of the night headaches I now get. I’m just a barrel of fun come night time HA!

There are cooling pillowcases, that are said to help as well. I will link some products down below you can check out for yourself.

A nice and light pair of bamboo comfy P’J’s helps as well. I don’t like to sleep naked so as to light and flowy as I can get helps.

Of course, as per usual there are supplements and hormone replacement therapy that do however come at risk for taking. HRT can relieve some other issues such as vaginal dryness and it can also boost your sex drive. I advise talking to your practitioner about the use of and see if it is right for you. I have been trudging through and avoiding taking any medications. I do however take some basic supplements such as Fish oil, Vitamin D, magnesium, and some collagen powder in my water.

We got this Bitches! one day, one flash at a time.

Please take note everything I share here is based on my own experiences and opinion. Please always check with your practitioner for medical advice and supplements you wish to take.

What to do to relieve hot flashes during menopause

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Thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see you back at the shit show for a weekly dose of laughter, hot flash on the daily, and let’s not forget itchy, bitchy, crazy, forgetful, tired, sweaty, bloated, and oh so much more!

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