Foggy brain and menopause

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Foggy brain and menopause

Some days are better than others. Is there such a thing? Is there a correlation between foggy brain and menopause? Indeed, there is.

Have you ever simply walked in a room with every intent to go grab or find something, and then you suddenly forgot why you were even there? Or perhaps you set something down and then spend the next hour or two trying to find it, all the while it is right in front of you. One day I was literally talking to my Mom on my cell phone and I said to her, “Mom I have to go”, I can’t find my cell phone! HAAAA! That was the day I thought I was either suffering from a stroke, early Alzheimers, or a brain tumor. Let’s not even start with the paranoid days of today I am dying.

Here are just a few of the questions and concerns I see on the daily from women going through menopause- or perimenopause about the foggy brain concerns:

“Do any of you experience brain fog? Like walking in a room and forgetting why you did. Or be in the middle of a conversation and completely forget what you were talking about. This is happening to me quite frequently and it is scaring me. I am only 47”.

Anyone have brain fog so bad you can’t even use your words correctly??
I fumble/stumble with my words?

I am having SERIOUS brain fog! It’s affecting my job performance. I’m making all kinds of mistakes I don’t normally do. I was in tears yesterday. I want to know what you’ve done to help this with any success. Honestly, I’m hoping to find a natural solution, rather than getting another prescription. Please help!

If you are a woman in your 40s or 50s and now going through the menopause transition, all of our symptoms vary from woman to woman including of course are night sweats are weight gain and thinning hair along with that comes the brain fog. There’s been a lot of research out there that explains what women go through. Some generally feel a negative mood and we suffer from memory issues. Some of us suffer from verbal communication, memory motor function, attention span, and just simple day-to-day tasks.

So what’s causing this foggy brain?

Scientists believe it has something to do with our hormone changes. Of course, estrogen-progesterone are responsible for the different processes in our body including our brain cognition. So is this something we should seek help for? There is, of course, medical dementia, adrenal fatigue, thyroid function and Alzheimer’s disease to name just a few. First I recommend talking to your practitioner about your symptoms to easily assess if this something you should be concerned with. You may have a genetic history in your family of dementia and Alzheimer’s and this, of course, would be the time to discuss it with your practitioner. There are many treatments for brain fog and once your doctor has ruled out other issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s there can be hormone therapy. Keep in mind long-term treatment and use of estrogen may increase your risk however of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other health issues. 

If all medical has been ruled out, start with a well balanced healthy diet. There are many options out there and our basic fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain, fish, beans, nuts and olive oil all filled with omega-3 fatty acids can help increase your brain stimulus. There are exercises and even simple mind exercises doing crossword puzzles, even playing the piano or a video game. Whatever you can do to get creative and exercise your brain function, workouts can help to keep the foggy menopause brain at bay. Personally speaking, I have been taking Fish Oil on a regular basis that I have found to help. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil play important roles in brain function and development. There are also claims that fish oil can improve brain function in people with memory problems, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments. There are many other benefits to taking Fish Oil that you can research.

Find my Amazon affiliate link for Fish Oil HERE. Using my link for purchase incurs no extra cost to you.

Realize, however, you’re not in this alone we are going through it together and we will get through it! Support from your family and friends is also a great start to communicating and letting them know what you’re going through on a daily basis because trust me it changes every day. There will be a new shit show, or symptom perhaps tomorrow, or in the next five minutes.

We are by no means medical experts and always recommend you talk to your practitioner regarding any and all of your symptoms.

Foggy brain and menopause

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