Do you get more facial hair during Menopause?

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Do you get more facial hair during menopause?

Step right up, and don’t be shy, because you will not believe your eyes. It’s right there on your chinny-chin-chin, upper lip, and even your sideburns. What the hell?!

The first time I discovered a chin hair I wasn’t too panicked. After all, I thought it was a fluke thing, one and done pluck it out. Oh nooooo, that wasn’t the case at all. Then number two, three, and four came along and I knew I was starting to grow a damn beard. I have this funny little rant I go on with my husband, that if God forbid I have to go to the hospital long term, he better pluck my chin. I even have an overnight bag packed in my closet with a magnified mirror, facial razor, and tweezers. I will not die with a beard. Did I mention, I occasionally find a hair around my nipples? I have no remedy for that my friends but to pluck it. This shit sucks!

I am Italian so I do have thicker darker hair growth. When I was a young child I had the good ole unibrow going on.

That’s me in Kindergarten. You can only imagine by the time I got to second grade what it looked like. Not too long ago I discovered all the peach fuzz on my cheeks. I really never knew I had so much until I saw this photo.

That shit looks like I can braid it.

Why do women get more facial hair during menopause?

Ironically some women experience thinning hair. So you lose on one end and gain in others. During menopause, our bodies stop circulating estrogen, however, continue to circulate testosterone. Clearly our hormones are imbalanced and we start to dominate and we experience some male characteristics. Sometimes there are medical reasons for this and you should always talk to your practitioner about these changes.

Treatments and over the counter facial hair removal.

The tweezers and facial razors are my friends. I think I have a set in every room. I have done electrolysis on my chin, and I’ll be darned it did not work for me. Surprisingly even on my dark hair. Plus that is very costly, and painful. Typically they do not recommend that for lighter hair. I just don’t want to endure the pain I don’t have to now. You may want to talk to a dermatologist about prescription creams and treatments for facial hair if you are really concerned and self-conscious about it. Of course, there are over the counter at home waxing and creams. The one and only cream I have used (Nair) left my skin irritated, but that is not to say it won’t work for you. It definitely removed the hair. They have some great ones on the market now I may try.

Recently I found these neat little razors that I happen to love. I use them on my upper lip, cheek, and my chinny-chin-chin. I have not found them to make my hair grow faster or even darker. They are very simple to use and you can check them out for yourself. I will leave a few top picks from other women who have found these facial hair removals effective.

Keep your chin up friends! Hair and all. Like my neck scarf? I will leave the source for that as well. They are great for hiding the gobble neck. Plus they look fashionable and versatile. You can use them as a hair tie and wrap as well. Hey since we got all personal about our facial hair, how about a little discussion about our sex lives? Yes, I go there, let’s talk about sex and menopause HERE.

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Do you get more facial hair during menopause?

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