Casual no-fuss makeup face for a menopausal woman

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Casual no-fuss makeup face for a menopausal woman

That’s what I am all about these days. Casual, no-fuss makeup, hair, clothes, and lifestyle. I am about as chill as one can get. Out of all my gal pals, I am the only one I know that uses a box hair color and gets my hair cut at Great Clips. Most women our age spend good money on their hair color and cuts. I will say I don’t have a lot of gray to tend to so I guess the box hair color can still cut it.

Every day I have a simple routine. Even most days that I am not necessarily going out much, I still like to pull myself together. It makes me feel better, and I am sure when my husband comes home from a long day at work he appreciates I am still not in my pj’s nor showered yet. It’s all about one’s own confidence ladies that will trickle down not only with your partners, friends, and whomever you may meet. You can read about some of my skincare tips HERE.

After my morning shower today I thought to myself “let me throw on the video option and just do a quick take on what my casual-no fuss makeup routine looks like”. If you have about 10 minutes a day to spare, you too can get the look and feel better about yourself.

I have shot many videos for my past businesses (read about me HERE) and always have had them edited, and looking all fancy for YouTube or sharing on social media. My new phase of life here at Menopause Bitch is keeping it real. Not to say, I may kick it up a notch in the future. Today my friends, this is raw and even self-edited in no way professional. I think y’all may like keeping it the real way. This video will not be going on YouTube. HECK, they would rip me up and spit me out over there HA!

I do not spend a lot of money on makeup or my skincare products. Don’t get me wrong, on occasion I will splurge for something but overall I have found drug store make up to suffice my needs. I do have a favorite pallet I will be linking down below. You can shop at Ulta or Sephora for it, but these days who is running around like that. I found the very same on Amazon and even cheaper.

I keep my casual look natural and light every day. Perhaps if you like this little segment of Menopause Bitch I will share more on short and sassy hairstyles, more makeup, and fashion. No big deal either way, there are plenty of great You tube videos you can watch and get much better tips.

I do not spend a lot of money on clothes either. Most of my tops come from Amazon, and occasionally I even find cute things at Walmart. Marshalls and TJ Maxx used to be my favorite. I haven’t been out fun shopping for a while, I am sure you can relate. These days I have some weight issues that I seriously need to work on. I have gained 20 lbs in the past 5 years! ACK. Ok, Maybe fashion is out! I like to think of it as 3lbs.. something per year. that’s not toooo bad right friends?

Linked down below is my quick, generic, and very amateurish makeup video tutorial. I hope you enjoy it. I’m also dropping the links to some of my favorite makeup shown in the video.

You can view my No fuss-Quick makeup tips video HERE

Casual no-fuss makeup face for a menopausal woman

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If you happen to be experiencing facial hair, or brain fog, I have written about those ailments and issues as well.

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